The Name Sugarland

The name Sugarland was derived from the nickname given to Mrs. Smith (Aka SUGARMOM!)  She was born with the given name of Charlotte Gertrude Nix in Louisville, KY.  Since she was a baby she was called SUGGIE (as in Sugar).  She has been known to anyone who knows her, by this name.  As she got older it was shortened to SUG (as in Sugar).  Hence everything around her carries on the tradition.  We have Sugarland Tree Farm, Sugarhaus, a boat named Sugar, the grandparents are SugarMom and SugarPop.  Even the street is named Sugarland Place.

Now to the History of Sugarland

Having lived in Atlanta, Chamblee, Decatur and South DeKalb county for most of our lives, we decided to move to the country.  We purchased 21 acres in Henry County in 1982 to build a new home.  I am one of those people that if I own something that has potential for income I must put it to work.  I certainly didn’t want something that all I can do with it is work on it.


About the same time we moved there was an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about Christmas Tree Farms.  Having been to a couple of these farms I knew what tree farms were about and what they did.  After reading the article I did some research and determined what it would take to grow Christmas Trees.  Most all the information came from other growers and the Georgia Christmas Tree Association.  It didn’t look too hard and I would have a good excuse to obtain tractors, mowers, tools etc.  You know men’s toys!

My wife thought I had lost it but reluctantly joined in.  Since now with her permission, in 1983 we ordered our first 1,000 Virginia Pine trees from a nursery in Kentucky.  Man, was I ever wrong about the work involved!  After many starts and stops and reworks we finally got the first trees in the ground.


For the first 5 years  we planted 1,000 trees per year.  Meanwhile we sprayed for all kinds of bugs and weeds.  Each and every tree had to be pruned twice a year and care must be taken to grow them straight and full.  We had storms blow over entire fields.  They have been drowned with too much rain, hit by autos running off the driveway, deer have pulled out the seedlings right after planting and now I have grand kids that run over them on 4 wheelers.  Oh well, what’s next?

picture_this_no frame

We sold our first Christmas trees in 1988 from under a tarp and it rained practically the entire selling season.  With all the family helping (we have a large family), we managed to make it through and, I must say, we all have a blast.  Now it is a FAMILY TRADITION.

Starting about the first of October each year, Sug and I start the preliminary setup.  I work on the trees and the Sugarhaus.  Sug gets the inside setup with her arrangements she has made during the summer and she does most of the exterior decorating.  During Thanksgiving week, out of town guests start showing up to assist in completing the setup.

Each year at Thanksgiving we have a skeet shoot, next eat dinner and then we head to the fields to tag trees and complete the setup. Most of our guests enjoy it so much they stay until the following Sunday and always leave with a tree, wreath or something from the Sugarhaus.

We have many, many repeat customers that come back each year just for the atmosphere that is generated at that time of the year!!

We invite you to do the same!!  Come and join us at this glorious time of the year!!


We wish you a safe and Merry Christmas!


Learn more about our trees, the Sugarhaus, and Santa.


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